Life can be hard; healing doesn't have to be

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Having a Safe Space...

to imagine and dream and reinvent yourself is the first step to being happy, and successful, whatever road you choose to pursue. -Ashley Bryan

Simple Pathways Counseling was designed with resilience in mind.  I can help families, couples and individuals find their own path of healing through life's challenging moments.  Resilience begins with you! 


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Simple Pathways Counseling offers individual, family and group sessions for those who are trying to make sense of senseless life events.  

Trauma isn't about what's wrong with you.  It's about what happened to you. - unknown

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What Is Therapy?

Do you ever feel stuck?  Therapy is a process designed to help you resolve issues leading to stress, over-whelming feelings,  and relationship problems.  It's a journey taken with a licensed professional who can offer insights into personal areas from an outside perspective.   

Therapy should be aimed at helping you build resilience and reach your goals set with your therapist.  A question you may ask yourself is, "How long will this take?"  You and your therapist should "check-in" periodically to see where you are at and how you are progressing.  Those "check-ins" help your therapist assess where you are in reaching those specific goals and where you are headed.  Therapy what not designed to be forever.  

Individual success largely depends on how often you apply the insights and skills gained during session to your daily life.  It also depends on your willingness to be active, open, and as honest as possible with your therapist.  We can't help you if you can't open during the process.  

The first step is always the hardest, but the  with a trusted therapist you can find your path.   





The Practice

The office is conveniently located near beautiful downtown Winter Garden. This spot offers many self-care opportunities including a stroll down the West Orange Trail, yoga, dinning or shopping.


Therapy is hard work!  You deserve to know how and when to take care of yourself.  Here are a few ways to spend some time taking care of yourself

Journal - Meditate - Listen to music - Deep breathing - Practice Gratitude 


Resource Guide

Simple Pathways Counseling is here to provide support so you may courageously face life's challenges.


The good life is a process, not a state of being.  It is a direction, not a destination.

— Carl R Rogers