Pricing + Services


Counseling services starting at $125/hour.

*A note about fees:  Insurance is not accepted for several reasons.  Fees may be adjusted based on income and ability to pay.  

Please remember: Your mental health is worth much more to you than gold.  It is a valuable asset that allows us to interact socially, professional, and personally.  You can have all the money in the world but if you do not have your "sanity", you have nothing at all.  


Individual Counseling 

$125/hour —  Individual sessions are a one-on-one counseling session in person, on the phone or via a secure internet video chat

Couples Counseling 

$125/hour - Couple meets with for session in person or via a secure internet video chat.  Pre-marital counseling provided through the Prepare and Enrich Assessment Tool 

group Counseling 

$50/hour - Group sessions are typically hourly sessions held for 6-8 weeks.  Joining a group of strangers to discuss personal issues may seem intimidating.  However, group therapy can be a powerfully transformational form of therapy.  Groups can offer a network of support you might not otherwise find in your life.  Members from the group can offer accountability, which provides a greater measure of transformation.  

Letter Writing 

$125/hour - Billed at a quarterly rate





Personal: $125/hour — Short-term sessions focused on specific goals to increase performance in personal and professional settings

Parenting Sessions

Personal: $125/hour —  Goal specific sessions focused in developing and implementing parenting techniques needed to enhance family relationships.  

Court Appearance

$125/hour Including preparation, letter writing and communication with counsel billed at a quarterly rate.  Additional charges for copies, mileage, parking, etc.